Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wordrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are generally the focal point of the bedroom, but they are also useful in other areas. Among these, the walk-in wardrobe is the undisputed classic. All the material designs are customized.

modern sliding doors, attractive internal systems, and solutions for storing fashionable accessories. All of these things can be found in a walk-in cabinet.

There are, however, smaller, more practical options. Consider a walk-in closet or other type of walk-in storage space. You generate space for these specialized solutions in the hallway or utility room. We also have walk-in wardrobes with sliding doors for smaller rooms. You'll have direct access to all compartments and drawers this way.

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What size should a walk-in closet be?

In a few square meters, a walk-in closet can be built. Our interior solutions provide a wide range of design and arrangement options. You can plan your walk-in wardrobe right away with our do-it-yourself configurator.

Find one of our partners near you. There, you will obtain expert assistance as well as graphic plans to view. Our partners will provide you with a wealth of information to help you choose between a sliding door, folding door, or hinged door.

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A beautiful walk-in wardrobe

1. As the ultimate of individual living

A walk-in wardrobe is more than a large amount of garment storage: for many people, it is one of the most appealing aspects of private living, a unique feature of room design that appeals in a variety of ways. After all, a walk-in wardrobe has multiple benefits, ranging from simple functionality to aesthetics.

2. Personality Expression

The walk-in closet is a reflection of one's personal style. Blouses, dresses, shirts, suits, sweaters, shoes, and accessories are all neatly hung, piled, and arranged by color, just like in your favorite boutique. This, like a shopping trip, sparks your imagination and encourages you to try new things. As a result, the walk-in wardrobe becomes a composite of unique fashion preferences, allowing the owner's distinctive style to be recognized at a glance. It is an undeniable manifestation of personality, much like the person who keeps their textiles in it.

3. Everything is in order and under control.

The ideal wardrobe is one that is suited to the user's size. It considers the comfort zones of everyday tangibility, of beloved pieces, and standard attire. Everything is laid up and carried to where it is most convenient to take it, which is either higher or lower than the center, depending on the frequency. More information on your particular wardrobe comfort zones can be found in our wardrobe planning guide.

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