Acrylic Kitchen

Acrylic Kitchen

Since the concept of a modular kitchen became popular in India, wood and glass have been the most popular materials for kitchen cabinetry among Indian homeowners. With technological breakthroughs, a profusion of trendy and long-lasting materials and finishes such as commercial plywood sheets, MDF, laminate, and acrylic have led the market's interior design charts. Acrylic kitchen cabinets have grown extremely popular among the many finishes, owing to their glossy surface, durability, and low cost. Cabinets made of this material appear more costly and sleek

Acrylic is a synthetic resin that is widely used to give modern kitchen cabinets a glossy shine. They give the cabinet surfaces a shiny, scratch-resistant finish and make a stylish statement. To achieve the required finish, acrylic kitchen cabinet doors are produced of hardwood or MDF board and then protected with a cover of acrylic sheets in the desired color and design.

Acrylic Kitchen
Acrylic Kitchen

Advantages of Acrylic Kitchen

1. Acrylic is more resistant to everyday deterioration than traditional plywood shutters, which crack and peel.

2. Acrylic is also UV resistant, which makes it excellent for India's climate

3. The colors of acrylic kitchen cabinets do not fade in direct sunlight.

4. Because acrylic is moisture-resistant, removing stains and food spatters is as simple as washing the surface with water and soap.

5. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are waterproof, which eliminates the need for specialized treatments and coatings.

How to Care for Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

1. To avoid any damage to the cabinet finish and to prevent blemishes, wipe off oil spills, cooking elements, and food spills quickly with a so cloth.

2. Clean stains and scratches with a so cloth soaked in mild detergent and then a clean cloth to remove the soapy water before letting it to dry.

3. Water and moisture will harm the kitchen finish if damp or wet garments or hand towels are hung to dry on the acrylic cabinets.

4. Dry cloths and cloths soaked in harsh cleansers and detergents should not be used to wipe the glossy acrylic kitchen cabinet surface.

5. To clean the acrylic kitchen cabinets, do not use paper towels, synthetic scourers, dry brushes or tools.

Acrylic Kitchen
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