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At Jade Cucine,

we believe that home interior design is a creative art form, an expression of and by the residing family, which we help to embellish and bring to life. Each home interior project that we work on is a collaboration with the owning family to create unique living spaces that are not only warm and cherished but also purpose built for Your way of life and taste

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Turnkey Interiors
Turnkey Interiors
Turnkey Interiors

Design to fit Material and finish are

Have you ever been looking for the perfect piece for a specific design and settled on something that didn't quite hit the mark just to finish? That is sometimes necessary, especially when working on a tight deadline. However, if you plan ahead of time, you can get custom interior design and service to suit the project's best outcome. We can help you give them about ceiling, wall painting, paneling and ultimate design skills with jade cucine custom interior design and experience. Each project is unique and tailored to the owing lifestyle and preferences

Material and finish are uncompromised

Our interior designers have excellent creativity at generating unique designs and styles that suit the client's taste and personality. Also, our ultimate interior design is sustainable from a modern perspective.

We do not compromise when it comes to interior design; we use standard materials, the best from around the world that are available in Bangalore

Turnkey Interiors
Turnkey Interiors

In House Design and Execution

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to modify standard designs to suit your specific needs or create completely bespoke products. Our dedicated work force and managers are earnest about their know-how. They can deliver first-class, highly competitive services and support from conceptualization to implementation of your project.

We are proud of having skilled and motivated team members who are highly committed to producing quality products and implementing positive change. Their “do it right the first time” attitude is matched with the companyʼs modern equipment to produce quality products.


At Jade Cucine, our designers focus on unique designs for the customer's needs and deliver the project and service on time. Our project is customized and well versed.


Each project personally supervised

We have our own team of interior designers, carpenters, and electricians, and we outsource work to third-party agencies in order to maintain quality. We specialize in home interior design in Bangalore and do not accept commercial interior design projects. Each of our home interior projects in Bangalore is unique and is personally monitored by an interior designer.


A Lifetime service Afer-Sales

We believe that aer sales is our problem, not yours, which is why we are obsessed with using high-quality materials. We are, however, available if you require assistance in the future

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