Crystal Acrylic Kitchen

Acrylic Kitchen

Our Crystal Acrylic sheets provide twice the scratch resistance of ordinary acrylic sheets on non-lacquered surfaces. In addition to our premium acrylic sheets' incomparable mirror image, PLASNOR is adding the crystal acrylic product in 2mm to its portfolio, which inverts the proportions to generate additional depth and a glass-look on our sheets

We specialize in acrylic/crystal panels, UV color painting panels, UV high gloss panels, baking varnish/lacquered panels, and double-faced metal panels for entire sets/integrated kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and sliding doors. manufacturer and supplier, as well as one of India's largest manufacturers with over a decade of experience. Our products have been approved by the International Quality Management System (IQMS). certified our products. In business, we adhere to the idea of honesty.

Acrylic Kitchen
Acrylic Kitchen

Advantages of Acrylic Kitchen

1. It comes straight from the factory.

2. Excellent kitchen cabinet doors are produced by a competent team and a prominent manufacturer in India.

3. A sophisticated, fully automatic production system guarantees fast delivery and great quality.

Characteristics Of Final Products

1. With a layer of HDHMR inner/core material and the printing to be done on an acrylic sheet as the upper layer. Our HDHMR core can enhance the gleaming brilliance of the cabinet door panel, which has been perfectly treated to prevent scratches. Furthermore, we can have certain artistic designs and use high-quality designs, thereby greatly increasing the aesthetic value and variety of digital properties. It is capable of meeting all tailor-made demands and bringing more artistic preferences into your daily life, regardless of whether it is elegant European, retro-American, modern trendy, or any bespoke design.

Customers are drawn to the acrylic board because of its stunning color, great brightness, and ease of cleaning.

The typical and premium series of crystal acrylic sheets are available. They are the ideal decorative material since they have lovely colors and brightness, and they come in different colors. Crystal acrylic sheets have the advantages of being simple to shape and wind, as well as simple to install. This type of product is primarily used for cabinets, furniture, door planks, and indoor walls, such as laundry rooms, hotel halls, and corridor walls.

Acrylic door colors are long-lasting and are compounded by a professional expert.

Acrylic Kitchen
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