Solid Wood Kitchen

Solid Wood Kitchen

A modern solid wood and modular kitchen design that is both minimalist and cosmopolitan reaches the sweet spot of form and function. It's simple, no-frills design is instantly recognizable and easy to maintain. Choose this kitchen design for a remodel or a new house and you will not be disappointed.

Since ancient times, solid wood has been a common choice for some cooking equipment, such as spoons and spatulas. Many individuals still prefer wood to other materials because of its aesthetics and practicality. As opposed to stainless steel or plastic, there are several advantages to using hard wood kitchen tools.

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Vaneer Kitchen

Wooden utensils won’t scratch your cookware

Utensils made of solid wood are soft and gentle on sensitive cooking surfaces. Wooden spatulas have the particular advantage of not scratching the non-stick pan finish. They won't scratch your sensitive cookware, and they don't produce any noise, unlike metal utensils.

Heat does not conduct through wooden spoons

Another advantage of hard wooden utensils over metal ones is that wood does not conduct heat. If you leave a wooden spoon in a hot pot for an extended period of time, the handle will remain cool, and you won't require heat-resistant gloves to pick it up. You can wind up with a burned hand if you use a metal spoon. If you stir something particularly hot or leave it on a hot skillet, the plastic spoon will melt.

Wood is a non-reactive material.

Wood is also a non-reactive material, which means it won't leech dangerous chemicals into your food.

Handles that are easy to hold.

It can be difficult to hold a metal spoon, and the sharp edges might harm delicate ingredients. The wooden spoon handles are contoured and comfortable to hold. It will make you feel at ease and satisfied.

Stunning Design.

Another advantage of wooden kitchens is their appealing and elegant appearance. Wooden utensils have a stunning artistic style that offers a beautiful complement to your kitchen. Handcrafted wooden spoons resemble works of art, making them ideal.

Wood is unfriendly to germs and bacteria.

According to studies, some hardwoods, e.g pine and oak, contain natural bacteria-killing qualities. Germs and bacteria grow more quickly on plastic and metal surfaces than on wooden kitchens.

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